(AKA our favourite country so far!!)

For many MANY reasons, Montenegro was the best place we’ve been so far, and the one place we’d love to go back to. Everything was amazing there; the food, people, price and amount of cats made the holiday so special to both of us! Whilst there, we stayed in three areas, written about below.

One thing to note about Montenegro is that because it isn’t in the EU, your mobile tariff probably won’t include travel to this country. Make sure you turn your data roaming off and only use Wi-Fi to avoid being stung with a huge bill!

I don’t know if I’ve sold it to you or not, but we would both honestly recommend this beautiful place to anyone. It has so much to do for all ages depending on what you’re after, and the beauty that this country holds is unbelievable! We are both 100% going to come back here and re-live the best holiday at some point in the future!

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