Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! We were in the process of doing up our house, and needed a weekend break away so we decided to visit our first Scandinavian country for our anniversary in March. It’s quite an expensive place, and you don’t need more than a long weekend in this beautiful city, but the air is so fresh and it was exactly what we needed!

A random building… with rainbow steps


We arrived into Copenhagen airport in the evening, and got an underground train directly from here into the city centre. The transport in Copenhagen is very easy and accessible, but the city itself is mostly walk-able (depending where you need to get to).

What to do

See Nyhavn – A beautiful cobbled street with brightly coloured buildings and a canal running through the middle, what’s not to love? There are loads of bars and restaurants all along the waterfront, and it’s a great spot for iconic photos if you’re looking to update your Instagram!


Eat Danish pastries – Sadly, Scott isn’t mad on pastries and I never got around to this, but it’s only fitting you have a Danish pastry in their homeland!

Go on a boat tour – There are a few canals in Copenhagen, including one in Nyhavn, that flow into the harbour. Here, there are a variety of boat tours starting from £11 per person for an hour, which give you the chance to see the wonderful city from a different point of view (including the Little Mermaid).

Our view from the boat trip

The Little Mermaid – One of the iconic tourist attractions in Copenhagen, The Little Mermaid is a bronze statue of a mermaid, based on the fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. To be honest, it’s really nothing special and unless you’re seeing it as part of a boat trip (where there’s more to see), I wouldn’t bother going out of your way. It’s right out on the harbour and you can’t get too close to it, but as I said, if you’re doing a boat trip and see it, it ticks it off your list!

Segway tour – We saw this on Get Your Guide and Scott was chuffed as it’s on his bucket list to ride a Segway. Unfortunately our schedule didn’t allow time for this at any point (which Scott was really disappointed about), but we would’ve loved to! It starts at around £40/hour per person, but there are different length tours of the city.

Visit Tap House – If you like beer, this is the place to go! It has 60 beers on tap from all over the world, which change constantly as the barrels run out, and it has a nice vibe to sit in and enjoy a few pints! They do have a couple of ciders there too, and they serve other drinks as well!

Tap House

Tivoli Gardens – Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit the second oldest amusement park in the world, as it’s closed through some parts of the year (we went in March), but it looks absolutely amazing, and I wish we’d been able to see it all!

Climb the round tower – Why not climb to the top of the round tower and take a look out over the city? It only costs around £3 each to climb to the top and it’s a nice way to admire Copenhagen.

Copenhagen from the top of the round tower

Copenhagen Aquarium – Right next to the airport is the aquarium, where you can kill a few hours whilst waiting for your flight! It’s not huge, but has a variety of fish and some sea otters too!

Our friend from the aquarium

Where to eat

The first place we ate in Denmark was a place called Souls. It serves some really nice – almost hipster-type food such as pancakes, overnight oats, hummus & veg, and fruit. Yes, all of the above was a part of one ‘brunch’ but trust us – it works. Another amazing brunch place is Kalaset, which has loads of retro radios hanging on the wall! If you’re looking for an evening meal, (something more expensive but worth it), then visit Host. I was actually told about this place by a lady that I randomly got talking to on a train in England, and it made our trip even better! There’s a set menu of either 3 or 5 courses of food, including smoked scallops, beef tenderloin, and mushrooms which they served to us in a mini tree.

We really loved Copenhagen, and it was the perfect holiday for what we needed – fresh air, relaxation and good food. The people there were all so friendly, and the fact that the country is clean, and renowned for being environmentally friendly was a huge bonus for us! It is quite expensive, but it’s a really great place for a weekend city break (as long as it’s not heat that you’re after).

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