Where to go in Montenegro

For MANY reasons, Montenegro was the best place we’ve been so far. We both talk about it often and it has a special place in our hearts! This is because literally everything was amazing there; the food, people, prices and amount of cats made the holiday so special to both of us! Whilst there, we stayed in three areas – Tivat, Kotor and Budva. If you’re wondering where to go in Montenegro, each area has it’s own charming characteristics:

A quick snippet…

Tivat: Tivat is home to Porto Montenegro, a luxury Mediterranean marina. If you fancy spending your holidays having fancy lunches surrounded by yachts in a ‘mini Monaco’, Tivat is the place for you! It’s ideal for relaxing, eating fine food and living the lavish lifestyle.

Where to go in Montenegro - Tivat

Kotor: There is such a variety in Kotor; one minute you are in a cat museum in a beautifully quaint Old Town, the next you’re paddle boarding up an inlet surrounded by the most breath-taking mountain views! This really is a place you don’t want to miss.

Budva – Partying, paragliding, pebble beaches and perusing around the old town – Budva has it all. This lively town is less about the views and much more about living it up and having some fun!

I don’t know if I’ve sold it to you or not, but we would both recommend this beautiful country to anyone. It has so much to do for all ages, and the beauty and tranquillity is unbelievable! We are both 100% going to come back here and re-live the best holiday at some point in the future!

One thing to note about Montenegro is that your mobile tariff probably won’t include travel to this country because it isn’t in the EU. Make sure you turn your data roaming off and only use Wi-Fi to avoid a huge bill!

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