We travelled into Tivat by coach from Dubrovnik, which took us around 2 hours and only cost us around £15 each (there is an airport 10 mins outside of Tivat if you were to fly here directly). We booked our accommodation through Airbnb, and so on arrival we went to pick up the key and go to our apartment to drop our suitcases off. The lady who was organising our check in told us that, when you flag down taxis in Montenegro, the taxis with a large amount of ‘stickers’ and logos are the cheapest (which is VERY true!). You can easily walk around Tivat, but be warned – it’s very hot and a lot of the places to stay are up steep hills. Trains don’t really seem to be a ‘thing’ in Montenegro, but there are lots of buses here.

It’s worth noting that everything in Montenegro is very cheap, including the taxis!

What to do

Porto Montenegro – Known as the ‘new Monaco’, Porto is a luxury marina filled with upmarket shops and restaurants, expensive yachts and pristine pedestrianised streets. If you want to sit and eat some amazing food whilst watching the world (and mega rich people) sail past, then this is the place for you!

Porto Montenegro

Go to the beach – The good thing about Tivat being sat right on the bay, is that there are lots of little man-made areas all the way along which are perfect for soaking up the rays and admiring the views of the surrounding mountains!

Take a trip to Kotor – Kotor is only a 15 minute taxi ride away from Tivat and there I would definitely recommend. For more information about Kotor, visit our page all about it!

Where to eat

After our expensive week in Dubrovnik, we decided to try and cook a few meals to save some money, so we didn’t really eat out much in Tivat. The first meal that we had when we arrived in Montenegro was at Ponta Veranda. The food was very cheap here, and they served some great local food – we shared a fresh fish, Montenegrin flatbread and a grill of pork. The next place we went was in Porto, right in front of the water, called Restaurant One. This was quite a bit more expensive, but it did have some really lovely food – including the delicious salmon tartar with mango and orange sauce (below) which I had! They describe their menu as ‘modern Adriatic’, and they have a variety of fish, meat and light bites.

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