In August 2020, we went over to Poland for a friend’s wedding. Initially, we weren’t sure if it was going ahead still as COVID had put a halt to most UK weddings, however Poland had much fewer cases and the wedding carried on. (You can find out exactly what to expect at a Polish wedding by reading our experience!).

We only found out 4 weeks before that it was definitely going ahead so we had to book last minute flights and accommodation – this was quite easy as there was loads of availability! The annoying thing was that despite the COVID situation, the flights were exactly the same as normal ‘in season’ summer flights and we ended up paying £180 each for a return, which is not what we had hoped for! We flew from London Luton to Rzeszow and then flew back into London from Krakow as we were travelling around a bit, which did bring the prices up.

We were a little unsure of what to expect from the trip; although we are so used to travelling around different countries, it was a little different with Coronavirus as so many new rules were enforced. The journey itself was quite smooth – we had to wear masks in the airport and on the plane but to be honest, we got used to it quite quickly. Once we arrived, we were picked up by our friend Lukasz (the groom) who explained to us that the new policies and rules in Poland are exactly the same as England which put our minds at rest.

I’m half Polish (although have never been and don’t speak the language other than the words ‘drink’, ‘mouth’, ‘eye’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’…) and Scott has been to Poland a couple of times before. He’s also learning Polish due to working with quite a few Poles for a while, and is good at it! This worked in our favour a lot as the language barrier wasn’t as much of an issue for us and we were able to immerse ourselves into the country more.