Scott and Alex – A little bit about us

Alex - A Shot Of The World
Scott - A Shot Of The World

He’s Scott and I’m Alex. We’ve been together for over 3 years and visited 20 different countries together (22 if you include England and Wales). Last year we got engaged when on a trip to Australia, and we will soon be expecting our first child together! COVID has sadly put a halt to our travelling but we hope to be back out seeing the world with our new bundle of joy towards the end of the year! We really hope to be able to explore as much as we can with our growing family, so that they grow up with some amazing experiences and life lessons.

We are aware that sounds very naïve as first time parents, and a lot of you will probably be thinking “HA! That’s what we thought too…” but we’ll have to see how it goes!

Who are Scott and Alex?

We live in England, in a rural county called Wiltshire – so we’re country bumpkins at heart. Both working full time (Scott works in Construction Project Management and I work in Marketing) we use our holiday days wisely and will use any and all available time off to jet away for either a weekend city break or a long haul adventure!

Both of us had been to quite a few countries before we met each other but we’ve decided not to talk about these. On A Shot Of The World, we only share our joint experiences! Our aim is to visit five new countries a year, which means that so far, we’re right on track, however COVID has really thrown 2021’s plans out of the window.

Our aim is to see as many countries as possible and try to do lots of weird and wonderful things. This is because a few years ago, Scott wrote a bucket list whilst he was working away. Not only does this include the usual seven wonders of the world, skydiving and getting married, but also some of the simpler things you should experience. For example, milking a cow, baking a cake and owning a hot tub. The last two were of great benefit to me, which is a bonus!

Booking Our Holidays

We usually have at least one or two holidays booked at any one time. This means that we always have something to look forward to. If we don’t already have a destination in mind (which we rarely do) we sit down with our laptops and travel books. Sometimes we throw in a cheeky glass of wine or three to give us the courage to book without necessarily checking our financial status. We do some research into the possible dates, locations and activities. Unless there is a clear winner, we’ll agree to narrow it down to three. At this point, we let the flight costs make our decision for us.


Just like that, we have another holiday booked.

Scott and Alex x