Back in 2018, Scott’s cousin and his girlfriend at the time, came over from Australia to visit his family in England where they got engaged. They said straight away that the wedding would likely be in either Australia or somewhere halfway, such as Thailand. Of course, Scott and I didn’t hesitate to confirm and so we started planning our trip, as we knew we didn’t just want to visit the one country, wherever it was. As soon as they confirmed the wedding would be close to their home in Adelaide, we got to work deciding which parts of Australia we wanted to visit and which other countries we would be exploring in our 3 and a half week holiday! We decided to do 3 days in Kuala Lumpur as a stop-over, one week in Adelaide, four days in Sydney, one week in Cairns and then two days in Singapore on the way back. Unfortunately, due to the troubles going on in the world with Coronavirus, some of our timings had to change but our holiday mostly went smoothly!

We flew out mid February when the world wasn’t quite as aware of the affects of COVID-19 yet and therefore, we are so grateful our plans still managed to go ahead before heading home into lockdown.

Because we knew it would cost a lot, we essentially decided to just go all out on this holiday anyway and worry about it afterwards. That meant that anything we saw and wanted to do, we would do; this potentially could have been a trip of a lifetime so we weren’t holding back on anything! As it was, we visited three new countries together and two new continents, Scott managed to tick off so much from his bucket list, we were able attend the most beautiful wedding and got to share some amazing memories with our family. Oh, and my two years of hard work tricking Scott into liking me paid off, and he popped the question. I said yes.

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