Our shots of the world

We book LOTS of holidays (as you may have seen through our travels), so we know it can be hard to decide where to go next. There’s so much information out there (sometimes too much!) and often you just need something short and snappy to help you narrow it down based on your wants and needs.

We have written whole pages on the specific countries that we have been to together, so we have now created this page to give a snap-shot overview of each one (hence the shot glasses). It’s worth bearing in mind that these are based entirely on our own experiences and we can only account for the countries that we have actually been to. Every time we go to a new destination, we will make sure to update this to eventually have a whole catalogue of countries! That’s the dream, anyway!


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  1. […] Although the weather was a bit of a shame and I’d planned for it to be sunny so that we could sit out on the front of the boat to admire the sunset, it was such a special day for us, and a beautiful thing to look back on and remember! Another thing ticked off the bucket list, and here’s to the rest of our lives together, travelling the world (one shot glass at a time). […]

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