The Vatican City

The smallest country in the world is just about the size of a town square and is located across the river from the main parts of the city of Rome. If you want to visit, we’d recommend planning a trip to Rome for a few days and popping over for a visit; there are some museums here but you would definitely struggle to fill a whole day in The Vatican City, let alone a weekend!

When you cross the ‘border’ to the country, you don’t need your passport or any kind of documentation, but you will have to have your bags searched on the way in.

My personal recommendation would be to come on a Sunday because this is when The Pope makes an appearance and speaks publically – he gives a blessing at midday over the crowds that gather below. On the other hand, most museums seem to be shut on a Sunday which is quite annoying if you wanted to do both. The best way to get around this is to split your trip to the Vatican City over 2 days – come for an hour or so on Sunday to see the Pope and come back again on a different day to just do the museums. Win-win.

The Pope in the Vatican City - A Shot Of The World

As this is a deeply religious country, you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing inside. It’s a hot country and they do appreciate this, however try your best not to wear anything too short or revealing and you should be okay – just bring a shawl to cover your shoulders should you need it!

We only chose to visit for a couple of hours on a Sunday and so didn’t see much more that the tiny country had to offer, but why not get some inspo from our visit to Rome!

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